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thanks for your note, warm wishes and encouragement.

the new product development begins tomorrow, and runs Monday and Tuesday +
one other day around a week after that.  It is pure OS tomorrow and OS
inspired in principles for the remainder of the time.   My vision is that
next time it will be purely OS.  I'll let you know how it al goes.

meanwhile, after a few very short nights, it's time for sleep and preparing
myself early in the morning.

see you on the camels in Australia!

all the best


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Leon DeKing wrote:

> Chris:
> Suggestion #1:  On the grounds that what you seek (Experiences
> in Open Space Follow-up) and what Terry and I are webing about
> (Turning Open Space experienced Supervisors into Super Supervi-
> sors) are really one and the same, I recommend you study the
> above edition of Terry's & my interaction (OSLIST Aug. 11-
> Aug 12).

> Idea:  Am I right in thinking that we three have a great
> OSonOS VI (Monterey) break-out meeting(s) topic on our hands?

Dear Leon & others who responded.

An update. Perhaps I phased it badly, but I was never anticipating using
OS as a training methodology as one reply castigated me for. The client
had been searching out a template against which to measure a formal
training process to develop the sci-fi sounding 'super supervisor'.

My suggestion was to first raise the issues around supervision through
OS and, if required, address follow up support afterwards according to
need. My request to the list (asked by an intermediary) was for examples
where this approach had been used before to good, or otherwise, effect.

In the event, the client (a task orientated engineering giant) stayed
with the comfort of more traditional 'gap analysis' methods.

Leon, however, identified a need within the list and a break out topic
for  OSon OS VI in Monterey. An impossible journey for me to make but I
would request that if it happens I receive some synopsis of the
discussion and actions, if any.

Thanks for all the positive correspondence.


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