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Hi all. I was the principal of the alternative school in which Birgitt held the Open Space. The students had no trouble at all with the process. Some of the teachers, however, felt uncomfortable sharing power with the parents and students. This was very useful information for me as it let me know that we had work to do in this area if we wanted to achieve a truly collaborative school environment. Monica

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I have led Open Space events with varieties of groups in schools.
Principles and Board of Education, whole school staff teams, teacher's
unions and highschool students from a number of schools who came without
teachers. I have also led such events in Universities. I have not Opened
the Space in a traditional "elementary" school per se. Elementary here
means 6th grade or below. I have led an Open Space with "Cherrywood" and
alternative school where parents, teachers and a few students were
involved. Birgitt has led an event with an alternative high school (9-13
grades) including parents, teachers and students.

My experience is that young people and kids have little trouble putting up
topics or going with Open Space if the theme "moves them". If it is not
their agenda, but one the parents or teachers think they "ought to have"
then they will be less enthusiastic. Most certainly know how to do computer
recording here.

Have fun.


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