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Michael M Pannwitz mmpanne at snafu.de
Wed Sep 16 13:51:46 PDT 1998

Dear Romy, Peg, Larry and Monica,
your comments on including elementary school kids in an
open space have been very helpful AND encouraging.
Most important to me was the hint that there is no point in
inviting kids unless it is an issue they have passion for.
On the other hand, since open space always works, they will
not follow the invitation unless they are really interested
in the issue and if they show up voluntarily, they will
also contribute.
To me, the discussion around "multilingual" os has
implications on the os in the elementary school. Here
almost all of them will be native speakers of German but in
many ways teachers, parents, administrators and kids and
they again differing by age speak different languages.
So there will be translation work being done and helping
(right, Larry) the adults with the computer!! I had not
planned to have computers (we still rarely use them in os
around here) but now I am definitely insisting. Maybe the
kids will bring theirs (the expectation of the teachers was
that they should have a chance to paint, but computers did
not enter their minds yet, neither mine).
By the way, this school-os is drawing increasing attention
from people all over town and we have a professional group
wanting to produce a video. Any thoughts on that?
Great to have you all out there.
I am anxious to hear from you, Ann Stadler. Hope you check
your email just now.
love and space

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