Silence -- Deafening or Golden ??

Barry Owen barryo at
Sat Nov 21 11:55:37 PST 1998

Well Denis,

We survived . . . The weather was beautiful . . . Lots of friendly people . . . We
got a lot done - and birthed "Worldwide Open Space."

And so it appears that the space is now just a bit more open worldwide :-)

I am sure the forth-coming proceedings will clarify things more - My brain is still
"mush" after the journey back to Nashville where the weather has been BLAH - There
is much to process.

Barry Owen

Denis Hitchens wrote:

> Did everyone catch food-poisoning at Monterey?
> Each day I scanned the list in vain for news of our intrepid travellers, to
> find none.
> Today I was so concerned I re-subscribed to make sure that I was still on
> the list, and yes the robot responded:  "Why did you wake me up ?  I am
> having a lovely snooze."
> I guess that I could expect some communication on the spirtual level;  but
> to no avail.  my spirit must be pointed in the wrong direction.  Where is
> Monterey ?
> But wait, they must have moved on by now so perhaps the spirit is scattered.
> The signal strength must now be too tiny for us downunder to receive.  Or
> perhaps it is a bit like the Leonids, at least in the Southern Hemisphere.
> Not all of us were lucky enough to travel the Great Circle to attend
> Monterey, but that does not mean that we wouldn't like to know how it went.
> What momentous insights were received and how is the health of our Technology ??
> Can someone please give us a run down.  Even better might be to put the
> output on the net.  It may already be on a web site and if so please forgive
> me as I am not a great web surfer.  If so, please let us know so we may be
> enlightened.
> Kindest regards from those who waited at home
> Before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water;
>                 After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water

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