Silence -- Deafening or Golden ??

ralphsc ralphsc at
Sat Nov 21 01:59:47 PST 1998

Denis and all,

Before OSONOS, carry water, chop wood; after OSONOS...etc.

Folks get home, have a billion e-mails to answer, bags to unpack, etc.
Hang in there, good buddy, the Proceedings will probably make their way
to cyberspace pretty soon.

Harrison caught the flu, stayed home, and probably recovered in time to
do the training that began on Wed., though I haven't heard.

OS is alive and well.  Drew a nice bunch of folks this time, too.  Some
Aussies, some Brits, some Germans, Canadians, and Americans, too.  A mix
of newcomers and old hands.  The weather was perfect.  People kept
reporting whale and sea lion sitings (we were right on the beach).

I'll let the proceedings speak for themselves once they're posted.  They
were not handed out at the conference.

Ralph Copleman

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