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You're invited . . .

Open Space Technology

An introduction to a strange new world of self-organizing systems.

Harrison Owen, the originator of Open Space Technology and the Open
Space approach for planning, working, and learning in organization, will
provide an environment for you to immerse yourself in the
emergence/evolution and process facilitation of this model for
transformation in organizations. This will be the first training to be
held in the Southeast USA. The program (January 26-30) will include
lecture, discussion, and plenty of Open Space . . . But it won't be ALL
Open Space
What IS Open Space Technology?

Included with this invitation is a link to Harrison Owen's "Opening
Space for Emerging Order."
"" Within
this single paper is a brief history of the "discovery" of Open Space,
anecdotes of Open Space successes, a description of the process
including the 4 principles and the Law, and a concise wrapping of it all
as a process which actually gives organizations "permission" to find the
power within to self-organize . . . The bottom line is that Open Space
is a process which is proving to be MUCH more than a "meeting process"
or planning tool. Open Space unleashes the power of the organization
from within. What appears to develop is what some people are calling the
"ongoing Open Space Organization." This new organization faces the
issues and opportunities of these transformative times not by mandate
and committee but by self-organization. Open Space creates a sense of
community within the organization and a level of communication which
transcends all previously perceived barriers.

How to find more information about Open Space Technology:

Web-sites are springing up all around us about Open Space. There are
currently 4 Open Space Institutes (United States, Canada, Austria, &
Australia), and the internet is becoming a place for documenting Open
Space research and stories. Currently, the sites with the most
information are:

The Global Open Space Institute:
Open Space Institute: ""
H.H. Owen & Co.: ""

What happens during the 5 days of training?

Day 1: (Evening) Expanding Now - The role of the Facilitator
Welcome, Introductions, Overview

Day 2: Setting the context - Organizations in Transformation
Chaos and Creativity - The Beginning of Transformation
First Open Space - theme: Gifts of Chaos
The Process of Transformation
Life with Open Space (Evening Fireside)

Day 3: Setting the Context (continued)
The Forms of Transformation
Second Open Space - theme: Gifts of the Spirit
Sustaining Transformation: Creating Culture that Works in Open Space

Day 4: Third Open Space - A learning Expedition
Creating Organizations that work - now and for the next millenium.

Day 5: Closing the Space
Nuts and bolts (Questions and answers)
Closing to finish at noon (plus or minus)

How to get the MOST from this training:

1)  Read Open Space Technology: A User's Guide
2)  Convene an Open Space event even if only with neighborhood children

If you REALLY want to be ready for this training:

Read Expanding Our Now

Where to get these books:
Open Space Technology: A User's Guide ($24.95) & Expanding Our Now
($24.95) are both published by Berrett-Koehler and should be available
in any bookstore . . . OR . . . you may order them by sending to the
following address. Make checks payable to ABBOTT PUBLISHING in US
dollars. Shipping is $2.50 per copy in the USA. Quantity discounts and
special shipping is available. Other books written by Harrison Owen are
available. Please inquire if interested.

H.H. Owen & Company
7808 River Falls Drive
Potomac, Maryland
20854 - USA
Phone 301-469-9269 / Fax 301-983-9314

Dates: January 26-30, 1999 (reserve room for 26, 27, 28, 29)

Place: Twin Pines Resort & Conference Center - Just South of Birmingham,

Website:  ""

Phone: 205-672-7575
Fax: 205-672-2103

Make room reservations directly with the conference center and reference
"The Owen Group"

Space is limited to the first 40 registrations only.

Rooms, all meals, and all conference facilities

Single Occupancy: $129.91/person/night
Double Occupancy: $116.82/person/night

Registration and training fee:

$1000 per person. Please make checks payable to Barry Owen in US dollars
and send to:

Barry Owen
The Owen Group
5518 Kendall Drive
Nashville, TN 37209

Pay only $895 per person for:

Registrations mailed by December 15, 1998
3 or more participants from the same organization
Consultants registering with their clients

Please call if you are in need of an alternative cost/payment

Cancellations - must be received in writing by fax or mail no later than
December 15, 1998. Any cancellations received after December 15, 1998
will be refunded less a $200 charge. No refund will be made for
cancellations received after January 19, 1999

Contact for additional Info:

Barry Owen
5518 Kendall Drive
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone 615-292-0709 (356-2888 After November 3)
Fax 615-327-3248
email barryo at


The Global Open Space Institute Website

Simply living the FourFold Way in Open Space

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