continuity and change

Birgitt Bolton birgitt at
Sun Nov 1 19:41:33 PST 1998

thank you for the ICHING and for the words from poetry that help me to
conceptualize your view of continuity and change. With some thoughts thrown
in about chaos and order (which others have also added to). What I do know
about all of this is that the more I know and learn, the less I know. For
sure. I have read and read, discussed and discussed. And am back to where I
started. Thinking that chaos theory is but a tiny part of the picture, a
part that our consciousness at our current point in evolution can handle.

And so I think of the Uni-verse (one song) and I want to dance with the
song. Me, the full emotional human, that is much more than a particle in
chaos theory. I think it is our song and our dance that throws the theory
into chaos :-)  So, leaving behind the words of chaos/order or
continuity/change, I choose the words  Unity and Balance. All is one. And
the movement in pattern or whatever is about Balance. You are right about
there not being the polarities offered by chaos/order or continuity/change.
Unity and Balance are about one and the same. Balance is simply a way to
again achieve Unity. We do not change, from the essential essence that we

Does this make sense across e-mail. Gosh, these deeper things are hard to
get into in words. Thanks for the discussion.


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