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Richard:  Having studied A.N. Whitehead, I like the interweaving image.
Every bit of reality comes into being in a moment in relation to the
weaving of its context. In that way--all is in a process of becoming in
relation to that which affects it. There is some choice here. Choosing to
be open to spirit (more aware or conscious of the interconnects and the
whole) in the process of becoming enables breakthrough, peace, love,
growth, etc. Open Space meetings create the conditions for many to make
that choice and find a new "we" in the organization.

Say more about "activity-between". For me all activity is process and part
of the process of becoming.


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John and Larry--

your exchange reminded me of Follett's discourse on "Relating: the circular
response."  As she explained it, "response is always to a relating."  She
illustrated circular response in this way, "I plus
the-interweaving-between-you-and-me meeting you plus
the-interweaving-between-you-and-me" as a formula that repeats itself
indefinitely (as the splash in a pond from a tossed stone creates an
indefinite series of interacting and circular responses).  It is the
"activity-between" process that intrigues me--and which is so fundamental
open space.  The structure of open space honors and facilitates this
"activity-between" in ways that other meeting structures cannot
sense of an open system opposed to a closed one.

thanks, John, for reminding me of the LASER analogy which I'd
for initiating this thread.

walk in peace.


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