LASER's etc.

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Mon May 11 18:25:39 PDT 1998

John: I read the same piece in Capra and had similar thoughts. Thanks for
expressing them so well. I've tried to express organizational structure as
a pattern of relationships or processes of relating. Certainly Open Space
is bounded and there is an emergent "structure" in an event. Ongoing Open
Space in an organization is about the emergent structures and processes
becoming the norm rather than the exception. We try to "hard-wire"
relationships and processes when organizational charts or process charts
are developed. I think I need some pattern and sense of relationships. I
also need Open Space where those patterns are emergent. I am getting more
comfortable living in emergent process, but I do like to have my lights
come on and the computer work-some things need to be hardwired. In an
organization, less and less needs to be.


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