Fw: Y2K gets a small taste of Open Space

Christopher Kloth kloth at tmn.com
Tue Dec 22 18:46:42 PST 1998

Add me to the list of people who has struggled with my relationship to futurists
in general (I have claimed to be one at times) and the World Future Society
(which I have been a member of off and on for 15 years).  My experience is that
there is far more energy going into projections of what will be and how experts
recommend elites deal with their projections [search for the not-too-deep double
entendre in the use of the word projection :-)  ], and very little real time on
community empowerment. This is a heartening note, and reminds me how I should be
alert to the impact of my judgements on me... mainly missed opportunities!

I also heard some good things recently from a WFS board member who, for now,
will remane nameless.  He was at a conference sponsored by Fetzer Institute and
has experienced Open Space and Bohmian Dialogue as very productive processes.

Again, thanks for the restoration of hope.

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