On the Beach!

ralphsc ralphsc at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 16 05:25:03 PST 1998

To all,

I'm now up to four beachbum and beachbum-ette (?) volunteers to hold up
signs.  Maybe it's time to produce a job description.  Hmm, let's see....

1.  You have to be able to stand all day with small posters taped to your
hands, tummy and, very likely, your forehead.  We could probably provide
chairs, now that I think of it.

2.  No influencing the participants, to wit, statements like, "Hey, pal,
over here, check this cool session idea hanging from my nose," would be
strictly forbidden.

3.  The law of two feet would be suspended for you, as you'd need to
remain more or less in one place.  You could use a restroom any time you
need one, as long as you can persuade another beachbummer to hold you
signs while you're away.

5.  We would do what we could to prevent the use of pushpins by
open-spacers, but hey, there'll be 110 of them, and only one of me.
Besides, they're the client.  Tough it out.

6.  If a bumblebee lands on your nose, you may not flinch.

7.  Shave.  All over.  People may place signs where they shouldn't. It'd
be the only thing that could have happened.

Any more volunteers?

Ever grateful,

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