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Beachbum usually imlplies male.  I don't see why a female couldn't hold
OS posters on the beach.  I'll volunteer but we need a better name.
Hmmmm  Beach bag lady doesn't cut it.  Beach eccentric?  Beachlady?


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So now I have two volunteers for the role of
beachbum-holder-upper-of-OS-posters for my ocean-front open space in
February.  About 40 more and I'll be all set.

Geez, you guys are so helpful!


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All I can say at this time is- your suffering, pain and sense of
helplessness is shared.  Thank you for caring in such a universal way.
Shared consciousness,
Joy Eagle

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hello all,

Sheila and I have been scampering around town, here in Chicago, and have
found a site that we're excited about welcoming you to.  it's in the
heart of downtown, blocks from the lake, blocks from the trains, and
blocks from our most important marketplaces (the Mercantile Exchange,
the Board of Trade, and Michigan Avenue!).  we've given our collective
budget fair attention and found prices that we think will work for all.
(this from the guy who stayed in the hostel in toronto <grin>).

so please mark your calendars for osonos seven:

gathering on the evening of Saturday, September 25th, 1999
meeting all day on Sunday and Monday, September 26 & 27th
with OSI post-conference meetings on Tuesday, Sept. 28th

sheila has just escaped to Chile for a few weeks, so complete details
will be forthcoming later in january.  for now, we just want to get this
on the universal calendar.

best for now,

michael and sheila

Michael Herman
Manager, Mediator, Educator, Writer

Michael Herman Associates
300 West North Avenue #1105
Chicago IL 60610
312-280-7838 voice
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mherman at mcs.net

Visit <http://www.mcs.net/~mherman/> for the Global Chicago
Calendar and other resources for creating best possible outcomes...
in world wide open space.

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Ester: I think your insights are right on. My experience is teaching me how
things do work differently in a voluntary organization with separation
between the events. The internal politics, that are always there, come into
play when the group that gathers is not trusted by others who then want to
get their say (or way).


Larry Peterson
Associates in Transformation
41 Appleton Ave., Toronto, ON,
Canada, M6E 3A4
Tel:/Fax: 416-653-4829

lpasoc at inforamp.net

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My first experience (in our church) with open space as a participant was
with one day (which was all it was supposed to go with) . We posted our
stuff and issued reports (I was actually the partiicpant who pulled
together the reports. Then the congregation decided that it wanted to go
into open space again - there was more to talk about - and so another open
space was convened about a month later. The problem there was that all the
people who had not attended the first open space who didn't like the
reports and suggestions coming from the first session, came out in droves
to oppose what the first session had proposed. At that session there was
hot debate about the authority of the group to make decisions for the
congregation since the open space sessions had not been convened as a
congregation meeting with appropriate notice being given. It was a very
unfortunate process.

My conclusions since:

1. there MUST be clarity about the group's authority either to make
decisions or to make recommendations up front and early so that people
understand the ground rules - probably as part of the invitation.

2. there should be clarity about who comes to the first session and then
who comes to the second. I'm conflicted about this. In the experience
above, if it was clear that the group that came would have the authority to
make decisions for the whole, then if someone had not come and didn't like
what happened that would be just too bad but they would understand ahead of
time and make their decisions about whether to come on that basis.

3. perhaps a rule could be made that if you are going to come, you have to
come to both or at least that you must be at the first in order to come to
the second. I think there is less trouble if one or two people are unable
to come to the second (illness, etc.)

Larry, you facilitated this one. Do you have any other thoughts to add?


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