On the Beach!

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Mon Dec 14 09:13:01 PST 1998

Hi Ralph:
Congratulations on catching such a fun assignment!

Here's a suggestion for the documentation part of the open space on a beach:
Something I've done often is to create a master supply of clipboards for each
convener to take to their sessions and return to the Clipboard Depot.

Clipboards give people a hard surface to write on.
A pen can be tied to the metal ring with a string or wire.
A supply of paper can held by the clip.
The paper can be pre-formatted into a template with the information you
require about each group.
You could even offer one for each person - a manual portable laptop, if you

Come to think of it, I suppose the completed sheets could be posted on a
vollyball net (just for fun, if nothing else) with small metal clips.

For the community bulletin board, should you want to go with a wall, consider
erecting a snowfence.  The material, pegged to steel uprights, is inexpensive
and designed to quickly and cheaply span long distances.

Don't forget your sun tan lotion and shades!

Best, Jay Vogt

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wondering if a simple clothesline and clothespins might work...good luck
with the signing up part, though.

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