On the Beach!

ralphsc ralphsc at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 14 02:56:00 PST 1998


I've done a lot of open space gigs, but never one quite like this, and I welcome your suggestions:

A corporate client wants its open space meeting of 110 people done on the beach in Florida.  As in: on the beach.  That, of course, means no walls.  None.  I'm thinking: why not just spread out the posters on the sand and let people walk around them.  Anchor them with cocoanuts or some other damn thing.  The more I think about this, the less I'm interested in trucking in bulletin boards, partitions or any other kind of artifical walls.  Just all these folks in sandals or bare feet walking around their own passions carefully laid out on the earth.  Why not?

Another thought would be to get the facility to put up some volleyball nets and post stuff on those.  And if we leave a few actual volleyballs around as well ­ no telling how things might bounce.

So, what would you do if you were asked to open space on a beach?  And what concerns would you have?  Anybody done one on a beach before?  or in a meadow or some other outdoor venue?  All advice welcome.  And thank you.

Ralph Copleman

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