OST Training - Birmingham

Romy Shovelton romys at compuserve.com
Tue Dec 8 11:29:02 PST 1998

Hi Barry

had a surprise when I saw your announcement - didn't remember setting up a
training in Birmingham!

then saw which Birmingham. Have fun in yours.

just returned from running an event in the UK version - known as "Brum".
It was for NatWest bank - they loved it.  A continuation of work I did with
them on the morning Harrison and I began our UK OS training this year.
Looks like much more will be forthcoming next year too - how nice - and
fits with my desire to develop a few longer term client relationships and

hugs to you


PS what's your email address - so that I don't have to fill the OSLIST up
with messages?  Mine is romys at compuserve.com

PPS happy Christmas.  I'm off to OZ tomorrow to help my neice with the
camel trekking business - lots of really big open space in the outback.

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