Thoughts on changing the name of this list

Murli Nagasundaram rismurli at
Wed Dec 23 15:34:15 PST 1998


A list member suggested that we consider changing the name of OSLIST to
more accurately reflect its purpose and content.  The key point was that
this is more than a "list" (the term LIST is an anachronism from the early
days of LISTSERV and like tools (late '70's) which were created primarily
as a mailing list facility).

I discussed this matter with our tech honchos.   Technically, this is a
relatively painless process.   Nevertheless, it might cause a fair bit of
disruption for both current members, as well as future members who have
only the old usage instructions available.  I won't ask for a vote here,
but if you have any strong thoughts on this one way or the other, please
express them.


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