OSLIST Digests Treasures

Leon DeKing ldeking at primenet.com
Wed Dec 23 10:27:38 PST 1998

Esteemed Friends:

There've been treasures galore in the past 2-3 weeks OSLISTS
My sincere compliments to all who placed them there!

Major among these treasures are the exchanges about:

1. Selling OST;
2. Day 2 bounce;
3. OST in Small Spaces;
4. OST Closings;and
5. Conflict Resolution.

Perhaps my newly created "OSLIST Talk Strings" treasure chest system of
saving the cyber-wealth you've posted will contribute also.

In sum, there's now an "OSLIST Talk Strings" folder on my hard disk,
which contains "Selling OST,  Day 2 bounce,  OST in Small Spaces,
OST Closings,  Conflict Resolution" Stings subfolders.
Thus, as new "string" related positings appear, I've ready made
treasure chests to stash them in.

Am I correct in believing that you-all have evolved a new and exciting
dimension to our OSLIST, or has it been there all along, and I'm just a
little slow in recognizing its existence?

Yours Aye,


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