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Denis Hitchens denisch at alphalink.com.au
Tue Dec 22 17:34:31 PST 1998

>Many have asked for more info or on how to get books by Roger Fisher.  Fisher
>is a Williston Professor of Law - Emeritus, at Harvard Law School, and has co-
>authored several books on conflict resolution and collaboration.  Getting To
>Yes, is his most well known.  Others include Getting Together, Building
>Relationships As We Negotiate, and the Getting Ready to Negotiate workbook,
>which we use as a text for training labor-management groups.  There are others
>as well.  We order all of our material from the Harvard Clearinghouse.  The
>phone number is 617-495-1684, ext. 570, or the fax number is 617-495-7818.
>Fisher is recognized by many in the labor-management negotiations field as
>being one of most important developers of the interest based bargaining
>methodology.  The Harvard Negotiation Project is a program of Harvard Law


 will serve as a starting point and directs you to the Clearinghouse as well

>School, dedicated to training lawyers and others in the art of conflict
>resolution and collaboration.  There summer Program of Instruction for Lawyers

http://www.law.harvard.edu/Programs/PIL/        will tell you about this

>includes Negotiation and Advanced Negotiation workshops that draw participants
>from all over the world.  I was fortunate to attend the Advanced Workshop in
>the summer of 1996.
>Hope this satisfies what you all were looking for, if not, write back.
>David Koehler
>Peoria Area Labor Management Council (PALM)

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