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Tue Dec 22 09:25:24 PST 1998

Many have asked for more info or on how to get books by Roger Fisher.  Fisher
is a Williston Professor of Law - Emeritus, at Harvard Law School, and has co-
authored several books on conflict resolution and collaboration.  Getting To
Yes, is his most well known.  Others include Getting Together, Building
Relationships As We Negotiate, and the Getting Ready to Negotiate workbook,
which we use as a text for training labor-management groups.  There are others
as well.  We order all of our material from the Harvard Clearinghouse.  The
phone number is 617-495-1684, ext. 570, or the fax number is 617-495-7818.
Fisher is recognized by many in the labor-management negotiations field as
being one of most important developers of the interest based bargaining
methodology.  The Harvard Negotiation Project is a program of Harvard Law
School, dedicated to training lawyers and others in the art of conflict
resolution and collaboration.  There summer Program of Instruction for Lawyers
includes Negotiation and Advanced Negotiation workshops that draw participants
from all over the world.  I was fortunate to attend the Advanced Workshop in
the summer of 1996.

Hope this satisfies what you all were looking for, if not, write back.

David Koehler
Peoria Area Labor Management Council (PALM)

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