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3 messages follow:

1.  Johan's question about opening a small space

2.  A request I sent for more information

3.  His response

He's describing an interesting situation that I hope some folks can help

Peg Holman

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>> From: Marie Ryd <marie at ajourodont.com>
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>> Date: Wednesday, December 09, 1998 7:49 AM
>> Subject: Open Space
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>> >I was introduced to Open Space by Sussanne Maxwell at the Business and
>> >Conciousness-conferance in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last November.
>> >kindly let me borrow her book on Open Space during the conferance.
>> >
>> >In a few months I intend to use Open Space with a customer of mine and
>> >while planning the event we realize that we are somewhat short of time.
>> >will be en evening event. We have three to four hours at our disposal.
>> >question is:
>> >
>> >- should we have two one-hour groupsessions after the introduction, in
>> >order to cover as many groups as possible or
>> >- should we rather have one groupsession of 1,5 hours in order to give
>> >groups some more time and to be able to finish the event earlier in the
>> >evening ?
>> >
>> >The customer is a departmentstore. The attendees are the clerks. The
>> >starts after the closing of the day i.e. 8.00 pm. They may be too tired
>> >continue until midnight.
>> >
>> >Thankful for an answer - best regards Johan Ryd
>> >
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>> From: Peg Holman, Open Space Institute <osi at tmn.com>
>> To: Marie Ryd <marie at ajourodont.com>
>> Subject: Re: Open Space
>> Date:  den 10 december 1998 17:29
>> Johan,
>> I have a few more questions for you before answering your question on
>> of sessions.  For me, the answer depends on the purpose of the open
>> This tells me what I am trying to accomplish and gives me some feeling
>> whether a 3-4 hour session can accomplish that purpose and in what form.
>> My other question is how many people will be there?  That, too, would
>> influence my decision.  Please let me know and I will give you my
>> If you would like, I can also pass your message to the Open Space
>> and you can get the opinions of many OS practitioners.  Please let me
>> if you want me to do this.
>> Peggy Holman
>> Open Space Institute (US), part of World-wide Open Space
>> 425-746-6274
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-----Original Message-----
From: Marie Ryd <marie at ajourodont.com>
To: Peg Holman, Open Space Institute <osi at tmn.com>
Date: Wednesday, December 16, 1998 2:21 PM
Subject: Re: Open Space

>Hello Peg,
>Thank you for replying to my question. Here is some additional information.
>The purpose of the Open Space is to bring all the employees of a department
>store into participacion in a vision-mission-value project that the company
>is running. A vision-mission and values statement has been created by
>management and some 300 middle-managers. The statement and the project has
>been presented to all employees (1200-1500 persons in all, but only 650-700
>actually participated during this event)
>In late January and early February we are planning to run Open Space on 4
>occations, in the evenings, after the store has closed. The purpose is to
>give everyone an opportunity to make their voice heard regarding what
>activities they see fit in order to  make the vision-mission and values
>come true. We intend to invite with a broad subject i e cooperation in the
>workplace, cooperation between departments etc.
>We will invite everyone to participate and expect 100 - 200 people at every
>occation (4 times)
>I would love to be posted on the Open Space listserve.
>Best regards - Johan

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