let's mark the universal calendar!

Michael Herman mherman at mcs.net
Wed Dec 16 10:02:46 PST 1998

hello all,

Sheila and I have been scampering around town, here in Chicago, and have
found a site that we're excited about welcoming you to.  it's in the
heart of downtown, blocks from the lake, blocks from the trains, and
blocks from our most important marketplaces (the Mercantile Exchange,
the Board of Trade, and Michigan Avenue!).  we've given our collective
budget fair attention and found prices that we think will work for all.
(this from the guy who stayed in the hostel in toronto <grin>).

so please mark your calendars for osonos seven:

gathering on the evening of Saturday, September 25th, 1999
meeting all day on Sunday and Monday, September 26 & 27th
with OSI post-conference meetings on Tuesday, Sept. 28th

sheila has just escaped to Chile for a few weeks, so complete details
will be forthcoming later in january.  for now, we just want to get this
on the universal calendar.

best for now,

michael and sheila

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