OS for Local Professional Networks

Jay Vogt JayWV at aol.com
Fri Dec 11 10:12:48 PST 1998

Here's a typical testimonial from a recent event that Bill Joiner and I
facilitated in Boston for a group of organizational development professionals.

"The open space forum hosted by the GBODN Learning group was engaging,
entertaining, intriguing and inspirational!  It was a great time to explore
and learn from and with fellow OD colleagues as well as network and share with
others within our field of study.  I highly recommend this experience to other
OD professionals and business members alike."

You may want to follow our model, which worked beautifully.
Our local professional association, along with the Learning Group of typically
younger or new OD professionals, sponsored a 4 and 1/2 hour open space (2 -
6:30) on a Sunday afternoon on the theme:
"Developing a Learning Network - Hot OD Topics and Career OD Survival Skills."

Although the planners expected 15 to 25 folks, we attracted 60.
The fee was $25, which covered refreshments and a contribution to the Learning
Group program fund.
Marketing was by newsletter and email.
The Greater Boston Organizational Development Network contributed office
support and one mailing.
The facilitators contributed their services.
The facility contributed the space.

There was lots of interest in doing this again, perhaps twice a year.
This is a great way for experienced open space facilitators to share their
skills and the technology with peers, while advancing the local practice
It's also a great way for less experienced open space facilitators to create
an opportunity to get practice.

Blessings, Jay Vogt

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