On the Beach!

Rhodes Hileman rhodes at smsys.com
Mon Dec 14 12:15:36 PST 1998

ralphsc wrote:
> Friends,
> A corporate client wants its open space meeting of 110 people done on the beach in Florida.

Hello Ralph,

What springs to mind:

        Surf.  Noise may make conversation difficult in all
but the smallest groups. Since it's an OS, that cuts two ways.
The small groups won't have to go very far to acheive isolation.
The whole group will only be able to hear someone who is well

        Sun.  People from Florida will not have a problem with
this, or at least they will already know what to do.  People
coming from elsewhere may need some coaching about UV
exposure, etc.  Everyone will need water.

        Wind.  Posting paper on anything you contrive may be
frustrating.  How about renting a slew of white boards?  I assume
you're not having this event in hurricane season (the Fall).  Even
so, blowing sand may be a problem at other times of year.

        People.  How do you limit participation in the event to the
legitimate participants?  Or do you care?

        Dogs.  Not a problem.

        Rain.  Unlikely.  But possible.  Is there a backup space nearby?

I think that about covers it.  Why do they want to do it on the beach?
Because in Fla., the term "open space" suggests beaches?
If you knew that, it might help with the planning.

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