Follow up

Larry Peterson lpasoc at
Wed Jun 4 03:30:11 PDT 1997

Matthieu:  I just completed an Open Space for 450. 1.5 days with no priority
setting. I plan to soon have a follow-up meeting with key leadership. For
some events, I find doing a "content analysis" of the Open Space reports is
quite useful for their action and planning. I do not use the quadrant
approach, but a straight analysis of what has emerged and what is actionable
and what will take more work. This is great for priority setting is there is
not time during the event. We also explore the effects on the culture. This
group of 450 will follow open space with more formal meetings. I will be
intersted to see how it effects the culture of those meetings. I'm on my way
to be with Harrision and Birgitt at the learning expedition  here. First
time I have check e-mail from an airport desk--lots of fun.


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