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Matthias zur Bonsen mzurbonsen at
Wed Jun 4 02:36:09 PDT 1997

Hello all,

this list seems to be quite silent recently. I would like to make a new 
start with a theme very important to me: follow up after an open space 

I facilitated several open spaces in companies in Germany. Only the last 
time I reconvened the group of conveners about six weeks after the 
conference. They were 18, the open space in April was attended by 65. The 
18 conveners initiated 22 groups during those 1.5 days + 3 hours 
priorization on the third morning.

I found it very valuable to bring the conveners together a few days ago. 
They presented how implementation of the results of their groups is 
going. Then they discussed in small groups what difficulties they faced 
and how these could be overcome. The three small groups presented to the 
plenary. Management was present.

The conveners apreciated getting information about what there collegues 
did. Management learned where it could give more support. A "lead group" 
was identified. That means the results of that group are important input 
for other groups. It was decided to hold a facilitated 2-day workshop for 
that lead group + top management.

My question is: Did anybody of you do similar things? How did you do it? 
Did somebody do it with larger numbers of conveners? What did you learn 
from it?

Matthias zur Bonsen
Frankfurt, Germany
mzurbonsen at   

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