OSI Australia

Larry Peterson lpasoc at inforamp.net
Sat Dec 13 07:13:13 PST 1997

Yea for OSI Austrailia! It makes the following story have even more sense. I
recently opened the space in a national (Canadian) church organization
looking at implementing some future directions. I had a horrible cold that
had attacked my throat--so when I opened the space I had to carry both a
mike and a glass of water just to  get through the opening. In this event,
the darkness was substantial and the dead moose became visisble e.g. Many
did not want to accept the directions or implement them. I  had to be
centered and clear to keep the space open (even thought my nose and throat
were not), but I did and some light came in.

However, one  knowledgable particant stated during the  evening news, " "You
talked about bumblebees and butterflys, but you didn't say anything about
ostriches."  There certainly were quite a few who perferred to put their
head in the sand and complain rather than take iniative and provide focus
and leadership. There was some shift after the evening and morining news,
but it was certainly a way that some tried to avoid the light.


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