[OSList] Thank you

Viv McWaters viv at mcwaters.com.au
Sat Nov 20 18:11:54 PST 2021

Hello openspacers

When an oslist email digest pops up, I must admit to often scrolling on by. But occasionally I’m compelled to take a peek. Like today. And there was Birgitt, and Chris, and Jeff, and Phelim, and Anne, and Harrison, and others I’ve yet to meet…all doing what people in this community have always done. Asking questions, sharing ideas, supporting and encouraging newbies and oldies alike. I may not engage very often these days, but openspace is still fundamental to the work I do, whatever form that takes, and I love that you are all there in the wings. Thank you.


Viv McWaters

Australia +61 417 135 406

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