[OSList] Buy and Hold Game Stop Stock... The game is ON! Is the World Open or Closed? Now we find out...

Mark Carmel markacarmel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 09:15:10 PST 2021

Dear Open Space Visionaries,

I just posted this comment in a global newspaper on the biggest story in
the world happening now: the fight between the little person and the big
goliath.  This will play out soon and we find out if the world is OPEN for
business, or not.

Respectfully submitted:

Buy and Hold Game Stop Stock (GME) if you would like to help the common
person become richer by forcing a short squeeze on the billionaires (nice
folks who run the casino called the stock market). Politically this is
uniting the world. AOC is right, Senator Cruz is right, Elon Musk is right,
and the retail investor is right to stand up to the bullies bilking us
daily with manipulation of the markets through their buy and sell news
alerts. This is not advice about investing. This is a plan, to take a
stand, for the little man-kind. If you choose to not buy and hold GME then
you side with the billionaires to crush the retail investor. Thank you for
your consideration. But mostly, Thank YOU Reddit sub group “Wall Streets
Bets!” True financial literacy being taught here, for us boomers, from our
children. Long may they live.

And long may all you Open Space Facilitators live,
Mark Carmel
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