[OSList] Did anyone see what the crooked stock market did today? They put the invisible hand of the free market enterprise system directly in the cash register. The world is now closed ladies and gentlemen and to think Otherwise simply proves that fools and their money are soon parted.

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Thu Jan 28 15:55:21 PST 2021

1. What was sent in my inbox:

This is literally criminal. How is this allowed??

Citadel is a hedge fund that owns Melvin Capital Management.

Melvin is a $GME short seller predicted to lose BILLIONS due to the people
taking the free market back.

Citadel owns the app Robinhood (RH).

Citadel banned purchases of new $GME shares on RH.

Market manipulation.

2. The explanation I got:

Melvin made a bet that $GME stock would fall lower than some number by a
certain date (short for short). But now people of the internet want to buy
$GME stock for a higher price and Melvin is loosing it's bet.

3. Other news in my inbox:

A. Workers lost $3.7 trillion in earnings during the pandemic. Women and
Gen Z saw the biggest losses.

B. World's billionaires get richer by 3.9 trillion during pandemic.

C. The Pandemic Is Affecting The Mental Health Of The Rich More Than The
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