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Kári Gunnarsson kortleggur at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 13:58:52 PST 2021

Dear community

Thank you all for all the wonderful moments that we have shared over the

I am following up on an action I felt inspired to call at the Peace and
High Performance event.

If you are interested in the following, then I Invite you to send me a
message and let me know, If you want to be added to a public list of group
members, I will do so, otherwise I can keep your participation private. I
will send an email to people who have asked to be signed up before February
1st looking for a time to open discussion on zoom or similar platform.

A story from the event: I posted a Question on youth and we discussed how
people open space for their peers, it's not really the job of the outsider
to come in and tell the Others what to do. After many other discussions an
emerging theme was apparent to me, it was the theme of listening. Authentic
listening, Deep listening, Appreciative inquiry and listening, Celan
Language and listening, Open Space and listening, Presence and
listening.... there were some more conversations, reaching out to people in
bubbles. crossing divides, being present for the inexperienced, the young.
I posted a question on structure. Sociocracy as a structure was proposed.
Well, some of us want to continue this conversation. We want to see a
structure that is there for people reaching out to people in the many
fragmented communities and listen, be it online in one form or another or
even in the meat space whan that is safe.

Anyhow, we are now putting together a group to build an embracing structure
of presence for people who go to different communities for appreciative
listening and being present for them to open space in their circle!

I am looking forward to your reply, my email address is kortleggur at gmail.com

*Best regards*
*Kári Gunnarsson*

*Iceland / Taiwan*
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