[OSList] Convergent facilitation

Jeff Aitken r.jeff.aitken at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 12:31:11 PST 2021

A new thread for this. I just got the book and recommend it for your
perusal and toolbox. Thanks to Tom Atlee for sharing it just before I ran
into Miki by chance.

There is a new book by the remarkable Miki Kashtan, who has deep skills in
nonviolent communication. The book is an approach to conflict that looks
VERY powerful and auspicious in our times of deep polarities.

"Convergent Facilitation is a revolutionary new way of collaborating by
creating space for all needs to be heard, inviting dissent without fear or
animosity, and attending to power dynamics that are in the room."

*https://convergentfacilitation.org/ <https://convergentfacilitation.org/>*
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