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How wonderful to hear your plans to meet on Monday the 18th! Was hoping I
could join too; but that’s a time when I’ll already be in an OS on Zoom.

So I’ll just report that I’ve done quite a lot of virtual OS since Covid,
both using the Marketplace format and also using what I call “radical OS”:
opening the space via a Welcome followed by a simple ritual or chant and/or
check in. Breaking into groups depends on the numbers of folks likely to be
present, and can happen co-creatively as the experience matures. In groups
of twenty or under, the whole circle often morphs into a Boehmian
conversation or story sharing.
With larger groups the Marketplace format is essential. It’s worked best if
you have a technical facilitator and a host facilitating. Improbable has
done some wonderful OST gatherings using Qiqo Chat & Zoom.

I’ve found Zoom very intimate, allowing deep dives usually as a result of
encouraging people to share personal stories & embodied experience about
the Calling question/ intention. It’s been surprising & inspiring
especially in circumstances where people were strangers. AND new insights,
learning & relationships (substantive & personal) have emerged.

Whatever format I’ve experienced, it seems that these essentials have been
continual listening for openings as they arise; applying a
Process-oriented-Psychology attention to facilitating emergence; keeping in
mind implicitly & explicitly the whole “field.”; supporting personal story
sharing & observations.

Hope these reflections are useful. Love & gratitude to all!
Anne M. Stadler
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98155, USA

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A world that works for all, is a world of love made visible.

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