[OSList] Confused American

Lise Damkjaer lise at learning4life.dk
Thu Jan 14 00:07:53 PST 2021

Hi Jeff

I'm confused about your post. I really want to ignore it, because to me 
it seems to be a joke or some conspiracy theory.

But here on OSLIST, I think we want to listen and we want dialogue with 
everyone with an open mind. So I will not ignore you.

I admit that I don't understand how you could get that perspective and 
how you can wish for a newly elected president to be arrested. To me it 
seems to ruin democracy in your own country. Is it that you actually 
don't want democracy? and how do you combine loving Open Space with not 
wanting democracy? or Open Space-thinking with accusing people?


Copenhagen, Denmark

On 13-01-2021 23:48, Jeff Aitken via OSList wrote:
> As a patriotic American I join millions who were confused when the
> President did not step boldly into the opportunity in his Jan 6 public
> speech to announce the arrest of Joe Biden and others for that satanic
> pedophilic conspiracy ring. Everything had been perfectly orchestrated
> leading up to that moment, it seemed.
> The gentleman who interviewed Harrison last year on his YouTube
> channel, the old friend from DC days with an intelligence background
> (who loved the idea of Open Space!) was also greatly optimistic (with
> other interviewees on his channel) that this denouement would take
> place on the optimal day.
> What went wrong? I remain confused.
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