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Thomas Herrmann thomas at openspaceconsulting.com
Tue Jan 12 13:49:18 PST 2021

Great idea and lovely invitation – its in my calendar and I may pop in if it fits!

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Hi all

Johnnie Moore (inventor of Unhurried Conversations)  and I are having an experiment in online companionable working this Friday. We'll be working at home but we'll also have a Zoom room open so there might be some light conversation with other homeworkers.

You can drop in, just listen, just watch, no pressure. Details below.

Zoom space will be Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 864 6113 8754

Passcode: 245038

Best wishes,

Johnnie and Paul

Unhurried Working

Friday January 15th, 2pm to 5pm UK time

Many of us working remotely need a little bit of companionship, without feeling like we want to talk all the time.

This is an experiment in sharing space while getting on with our work or household activities, where we’d like a bit of company without feeling obliged to join in a conversation of feel, god forbid, that we’re in a meeting.

So for this event, we’ll have an open zoom room in which you can interact with other folks as much or as little as you like.

The basic controls will be:




What it means



I’m really quite open to talking



I'm here but I’m not talking at the moment - or am talking to someone else



I don’t want to be visible but I might talk



I'm happy picking up the vibe of the Zoom room but I’m not taking active part

Another choice is to have your camera pointing at you indirectly so we can see you at work without feeling your eyes staring in our general direction.

Join us for as much of the time as you like, and come in the spirit of experimentation.

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