[OSList] Annual Peace and High Performance Gathering going Virtual

Suzanne Daigle s.daigle at nufocusgroup.com
Mon Jan 4 12:08:32 PST 2021

Dear “Peace and High Performance” alumni colleagues and friends,

 As you will have guessed, it will not be possible for us to meet at
International House in January this year. The good news however is that we
will be hosting this important gathering virtually instead. We hope many of
you, like us, feel the great urgency to open more space in these times.

Here is a brief excerpt of our invitation warmly extended to all of you.
Also the link with more details and registration information.

Please feel free to invite others.


*2021 INVITATION January 22-24, 2021 (from 10 am to 3 pm EST)*
*“*The* need and yearning to open more and more space has never been
greater on our planet. These urgent times need us everywhere, all of us,
head and heart. Together, we must challenge ourselves to invite broadly, to
engage and inspire each other to action.*

*The key question and challenge facing us now could be:*

*“How do we engage 8 billion people in meaningful conversation?”*

*The “Opening Space for Peace and High Performance” gathering held at
International House in New York City, with its timeless theme, is a
long-standing tradition. This year, it will find its virtual home on
QiQoChat and Zoom.  We welcome individuals and groups who are seeking to
learn and experience Open Space Technology for the very first time; or
others who wish to deepen their facilitation practice with colleagues and

*It will unfold in the spirit of Open Space with its guiding 5 principles
and law, ignited by a theme that has guided passion and responsibility over
the years. We will seek the simple ways to engage, learn and share
virtually together. Just as we have in the past, it will happen in January,
honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King.*

*In 2020, Harrison Owen, the originator of Open Space Technology,
presciently spoke of these times with all its system breakdowns and
challenges as an extraordinary opportunity “to engage 8 billion people in
useful conversation”. It is a call to conversation and action that
resonates for these times.*

*We look forward to being with you!”*

Karen, Suzanne and Harrison
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