[OSList] Coming soon... Happy Birthday Harrison!

Suzanne Daigle sdaigle4 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 08:03:43 PST 2020

*Happy Birthday Harrison!*

*A Global Cocktail Party*

On December 2nd, Harrison Owen celebrates his 85th birthday.  An occasion
worthy of great celebration, Open Space style. With lots of camaraderie and
cheer, and a touch of “Be Prepared to Be Surprised”!

In 1985, 35 years ago, Open Space Technology was conceived over two
martinis ~ a great experiment that continues as vibrantly today as it was

Its ritual and refrain, always the same: Sit in a circle, create a bulletin
board, open a marketplace and get to work.  Four timeless principles (now
5), a law, bumble bee and butterfly are all it takes for dynamic
discussions on issues that matter.

In the spirit of Open Space, from morning until late at night (when it
starts, it starts; when it’s over, it's over), on Wednesday December 2nd we
will gather and toast this special guy who has touched us all and many
beyond. Over the years, his shared work has become our work in all kinds of
places and settings worldwide.

*In the weeks before…*

Between now and then, with just the right amount of chaos and confusion, we
invite you to visit and contribute to our giant virtual Marketplace
Birthday Wall. A simple birthday card would not suffice. Share your good
wishes, add a photo, story or memory with Harrison. Our invitation is to
play around with the mural technology. Easy when you get the hang of it!


*First type your name and log in as a visitor.* Then hover your mouse and
go exploring. The hand and square at the bottom right allow you to move
around and zoom in and zoom out. On the left, a bunch of tools with which
to play. So give it a go and have fun creating your own special message.

*On December 2nd…*The plan is that we’ll be hanging out in a world-around
Zoom.  A dedicated link will be provided on the Birthday Wall a few days
before. Our space will include a main Zoom room and breakouts.  Bring your
heart, favorite stories and a glass or cup of good cheer.

Harrison will come by mid-morning Washington DC time and drop in throughout
the day between naps.

See you soon!

Suzanne, Michael, Barry and Lucas
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