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Rosa Zubizarreta rosa at diapraxis.com
Tue May 5 06:12:23 PDT 2020

Hi all,

my apologies in advance, if this is deemed inappropriate here...

I am a huge fan of OS, as that was the first emergence-aligned practice
that I ever encountered --
will always have fond memories of the Organization Transformation
conference in Napa in the mid-90's,
that was my first immersion in the practice... and I am very moved whenever
I have the opportunity to
"open space" in a formal OST gathering...

And, as there are also a few other forms of emergence-aligned practice that
I appreciate,
and one in particular that I enjoy teaching...

and so, I wanted to let folks know, that there are still a few spots left
in our upcoming
online Dynamic Facilitation workshop
for anyone who may be interested.

with all best wishes,

* <http://diapraxis.com>*

*Rosa Zubizarreta*
*DiaPraxis: Awakening the Spirit of Creative Collaboration

*coaching in participatory leadership • advanced group facilitation
services & learning opportunities*
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