[OSList] Link to the recording: Phelim McDermott and Innovations in Online Open Space

Lucas Cioffi lucas at qiqochat.com
Sat Jun 13 19:58:35 PDT 2020

Hi All,

Here is the link to this week's in-depth interview
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_HVyAn7qyNo> of Phelim McDermott and the
team at Improbable in the UK.  They have completed some fantastic online
open space events in the past few weeks and even had a waiting list of 250
people for one of them.

They discuss using QiqoChat as in some parts of the interview, but the
interview explored their facilitation techniques rather than any one
specific platform.  It was great to see several people from the OS list on
the call, especially Ann Stadler.

The Improbable team's focus on accessibility for people who have limited
sight and hearing is cutting edge and setting a new standard for online

Lucas Cioffi
Lead Software Engineer, QiqoChat.com
Scarsdale, NY
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