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David Smith imaginac at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jun 3 16:35:04 PDT 2020

I will certainly never forget knowing Rob. He struck me as a man with a deep understanding of the Australian bush, a refreshing humility and a strong desire to argue for change and improvement in all things environmental. And of course a strong advocate for Open Space as a brilliant way of achieving those goals.

A sad loss to be sure, but a great life of service to us all.



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Marysville was a magical OSonOS. I remember that night hike with Rob. He was an important part of making the whole experience special.


Thank you, Viv, for letting us know of his passing.






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Indeed. Wondrous memories of Rob, who he was and of of the walks in the woods he led. Particularly around the lovely Marylands Hotel in which we were all housed during WOSONOS in OZ in 2002.


In which we conversed heartily during the day and sang lustily at night.


And made lasting friendships with fellow 'Spaceniks' near and far. 


I join with others here who also pay tribute to Rob and Fr Brian who set our sights for Open Space Downunder. 


Looking forward


Al - formerly Alan



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Hello Viv and Anne


Thanks for letting us know about Rob making his way onwards. I have many lovely memories of meeting him at Marysville and how much he contributed to making that such a wonderful experience for so many people. I also had the blessing of running into him on other occasions while visiting Melbourne and of course online. I love his cheeky grin and provocative probings….


A passionate promoter of Open Space and of all things that sustain and grow the circles of connection on this planet. 


I’m pleased that I met him and wish him and Fr Brian much fun in their break-out together with our many other Open Space friends who have moved on.  


Best wishes 






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Hi Viv


Thank you for posting about Rob and mentioning Brian. I have fond memories of the one and only OSonOS I have ever attended, at Marysville. Brian Bainbridge gave me a ride to Marysville ,a journey I will always remember for the beautiful sights outside the car and the warm conversation inside the car.


Rob, I clearly remember too. Being from New Zealand we are very passionate about our wonderful bush, and to be shown the Australian bush by someone with as much passion filled my heart.


Thank you for reigniting such dear memories Viv it has been a long time since I saw you last in Torquay. when I was staying with Heather. I hope you are keeping well.


Kind regards





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Subject: [OSList] Sad news


Hi all

Some of you may remember Rob Chaffe from the Australian OSonOS at Marysville, in the hills out of Melbourne. He took us walking through the bush to experience the native nocturnal wildlife.

Sadly, Rob died this morning, after a long battle with cancer. It was Rob who introduced me to Brian Bainbridge - and look where that led! I like to think of them together somewhere chewing the fat about all things open space and the state of the world.

Rob was a very generous person, passionate, and always had an opinion to share. He was a great friend and mentor to me. He’ll be missed.



Viv McWaters

creativefacilitation.com <http://creativefacilitation.com/> 
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