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Hi Viv

Thank you for posting about Rob and mentioning Brian. I have fond memories of the one and only OSonOS I have ever attended, at Marysville. Brian Bainbridge gave me a ride to Marysville ,a journey I will always remember for the beautiful sights outside the car and the warm conversation inside the car.

Rob, I clearly remember too. Being from New Zealand we are very passionate about our wonderful bush, and to be shown the Australian bush by someone with as much passion filled my heart.

Thank you for reigniting such dear memories Viv it has been a long time since I saw you last in Torquay. when I was staying with Heather. I hope you are keeping well.

Kind regards


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Hi all

Some of you may remember Rob Chaffe from the Australian OSonOS at Marysville, in the hills out of Melbourne. He took us walking through the bush to experience the native nocturnal wildlife.

Sadly, Rob died this morning, after a long battle with cancer. It was Rob who introduced me to Brian Bainbridge - and look where that led! I like to think of them together somewhere chewing the fat about all things open space and the state of the world.

Rob was a very generous person, passionate, and always had an opinion to share. He was a great friend and mentor to me. He’ll be missed.



Viv McWaters

Australia +61 417 135 406

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