[OSList] Invitation from the Art of Hosting community to an Open Space gathering

Jamie Colston jamiecolston at googlemail.com
Mon Jun 1 15:42:38 PDT 2020

Dear Friends and fellow community members,

A few of us are hosting an Open Space Technology event on the QiQo Chat
platform this Friday. Full invitation below. We hope you can join us.

The Art of Hosting Community Open Space:

This is a space to bring what lives inside your heart, the voice that wants
to be heard, the story your feet have walked or the history of the land
beneath your feet.

What is the emerging song of your heart? Qual è la canzone che sta suonando
nel tuo core/cuore? Cuál es la canción que te nace del corazón ahora?

When & how


   Booking at https://www.tickettailor.com/events/iamweare/379907

   Tech Check in and QiQo sign up Thursday 4th June, 2pm-3pm

   Main event, Friday 5th June for 2.5 hours

   7am PDT / 10am EDT / 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 10pm CST / 12am AEST

   QiqoChat: https://qiqochat.com/e/PkBJdGGvKWRlPtJUFlKRqJisM/JLbnRVuQefVONkswSgnxbrjUX
    (please ensure you’re on the latest version of Zoom)

Who is this for?

This Open Space Technology event is being hosted by the Art of Hosting
community and we are inviting fellow practitioners and other human beings
who are called to join us.


This is a call to gather....to offer an online Open Space where the
community can explore, share and connect to the underlying energy which
calls to each of us during this time of limited physical connection,
shifting mindsets, and the underlying systemic inequality that’s becoming
ever more visible.

And this is part of an ongoing opportunity for us to experience different
online platforms for hosting methods such as Open Space.

This is the opening open space, and we imagine that we will continue to
practise opening space together as a community over the coming months,
practising together, inviting others in and bringing the questions that we
feel called to open space around.

Story and Framing

Over the last 12 weeks, we have been gathering in circle, sharing stories,
weaving relationships and practising the Art of Hosting together. Many of
us have made beautiful friendships that would not have been possible were
it not for the challenges of these times.

Over the last couple of weeks, a kaleidoscope of practitioners have come
together to begin the process of opening space for the conversations that
are sitting inside, outside and in the in-between spaces around the Art of
Hosting community. As we went deeper with our inquiry into what the opening
calling question is for this space, we touched on questions and themes:


   What stories are really alive for us right now?

   What is happening in our communities?

   What are you/we reflecting on in these times?

   How can we bring collective intelligence into action and/or deeper

   How, together, are we weaving our connections into an outward/inward
   force for good in the emergent present?

This is a space to bring what lives inside your heart, the voice that wants
to be heard, the story your feet have walked or the history of the land
beneath your feet. What is the song of your heart?

We look forward to seeing you there,

Jamie, Erika, Liane, Maqui

Jamie Colston
Facilitator, Catalyst & Parent

M: 07909 442006
E: jamie at jamiecolston.com
W: www.jamiecolston.com
Linked In: Jamie Colston

“If we take care of People and Nature, then the economy will take care of
itself” Satish Kumar
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