[OSList] an upcoming learning opportunity for those interested in the greatest potential of using Open Space Technology elements and essence in the daily life of an organization

Birgitt Williams birgitt at dalarinternational.com
Mon Jun 1 14:25:19 PDT 2020

Dear friends and colleagues,
This post is intended for those of you who feel the heart felt desire to
work with the elements and essence of Open Space Technology in the daily
life of an organization. My own desire to do so, inspired by my first
training with Harrison Owen in Open Space Technology set me on a journey.
>From 1992 to the present, my primary and absolutely fulfilling work has
been focused on organizational transformation, guiding leaders and their
organizations in their development to be the best version of themselves. I
had thought of these organizations as more agile, flexible, resilient,
adaptive. All of this is true. Yet, what strikes me as more important, with
the potential to make a greater impact, is that these transformed
organizations operate with faith, trust and hope in themselves.

Almost thirty years after I became captivated at how an organization could
find its best version of itself with elements and essence of Open Space
Technology as a critical ingredient, this work calls to me more than ever.
We can do better with our organizations and with our systems for the best
world that we as humans co-create. I remain determined in my work to do my
part to anchor in an operating platform for organizations that is life
nurturing, one in which I would feel good about my grandchildren working in
that supports their life force rather than depletes their life force.

The name of this operating platform is Genuine Contact Organization. I
learned early on that one of the life nourishing benefits of participating
in an Open Space Technology meeting is that genuine contact takes
place..with oneself, another, the collective, and creation/creator. Hence
the name Genuine Contact. If you feel passion to learn more about
organizational transformation to this operating platform for more life
nourishing organizations a fantastic opportunity for a deep dive learning
is coming up. All registrants for the Genuine Contact Summer Academy are
practitioners of Open Space Technology and understand the value of opening
space. The original plan for the Genuine Contact Summer Academy
<http://www.dalarinternational.com/gco-sa2020/>, focusing on the Genuine
Contact Organization was an onsite gathering in Waterloo, Canada in July.
As we get closer to that time, and the Canadian border is not yet opened,
we realized that we needed to adapt and offer an online version. This will
take place June 10-18 with four hours of online time daily and another few
hours of dedicated individual task focused time. Ten of the original
registrants have shifted to the online option. The learning is in a small
group, and as always we use the fantastic Qiqochat for our time together as
it has been so beautifully designed by Lucas to for participation and self

Please private message me if you are interested. There is significant and
important pre-work to be ready for the deep dive together.

in genuine contact,

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 *Genuine Contact Organization/Summer Academy 2020 *| online June 10-18,
2020 and/or onsite July 3-10, 2020 | Waterloo, Canada

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<http://www.dalarinternational.com/upcoming-workshops/> for any of our
upcoming workshops here.

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