[OSList] Bulletin Board vs. Marketplace

Bhavesh Patel bhavmail at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 22:16:13 PDT 2020

I am not sure if I got your point and:

   - For me the Bulletin Board is where people stick their ideas, and also
   select a time and place.
   - For me the Marketplace contains the Bulletin Board and is also where
   people discuss, start moving around, start discussing whether topics should
   be merged or not, where they start checking out what has been named
   already, etc.
   - So the Marketplace is the container that holds the space for all that
   happens including the Bulletin Board until people decide to go to sessions
   or somewhere else... and then the Marketplace remains open as people come
   and go until...

On Mon, 27 Apr 2020 at 02:31, Marc C. Trudeau via OSList <
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> Hi, All! Hope you and yours are well and coping effectively with the
> current crisis.
> I very much enjoyed Barry’s mantra in the opening circle at WOSonOS,
> “Circle, Breath, Bulletin Board, Marketplace.” It led me to do some reading
> about OST, and I noticed Bulletin Board and Marketplace broken out as
> separate elements, but in every Open Space I’ve attended, they’re kind of
> one thing, since Conveners post their ideas in a time and space
> immediately. I can see an advantage to the group knowing all the nominated
> topics prior to starting to schedule them; have others tried this and found
> this distinction unnecessary or even unhelpful?
> Thanks, and be well,
> Marc
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