[OSList] Bulletin Board vs. Marketplace

Marc C. Trudeau marctrudeau at alum.wpi.edu
Sun Apr 26 16:31:31 PDT 2020

Hi, All! Hope you and yours are well and coping effectively with the current crisis.

I very much enjoyed Barry’s mantra in the opening circle at WOSonOS, “Circle, Breath, Bulletin Board, Marketplace.” It led me to do some reading about OST, and I noticed Bulletin Board and Marketplace broken out as separate elements, but in every Open Space I’ve attended, they’re kind of one thing, since Conveners post their ideas in a time and space immediately. I can see an advantage to the group knowing all the nominated topics prior to starting to schedule them; have others tried this and found this distinction unnecessary or even unhelpful?

Thanks, and be well,

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Marc Trudeau
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