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christine koehler chris.alice.koehler at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 13:00:26 PDT 2020

Hi everyone

I am pleased to invite you to explore together how we can infect France with a dialogue virus.

Today, as in most of the world,  we are experiencing a serious crisis as a result of the pandemic. A health crisis, which is leading to a major economic crisis (-6% of French GDP in the first quarter) but also a social crisis that will worsen terribly in the coming weeks. Anxiety, anger, bankruptcies, isolation, violence. We see a terrible period of our history taking shape before our eyes. This is taking place in the context of a climate and ecological crisis that continues to threaten our future. In a country like France, where the culture of argument and criticism is more prevalent than the culture of dialogue, how are we going to re-imagine the future?
For me personally, for us,  this means that it is time to spread the culture of real dialogue much more widely across the country, so that more and more people are equipped to listen and react in such a way that everyone can feel heard and find a place in themselves that is not based on fear and anger but on hope, trust and the will to build something completely new together.
 How do we do to  create and nurture a "dialogue virus" that can spread throughout the country during this time of confinement ?
What I have seen in the last few weeks is that we can build processes, online (as well as face-to-face in the future), that are based on peer-to-peer interactions and  which allows everyone to feel understood, listened to, and to reflect together in a constructive way.
Will you join to reflect and discuss this with us ?

Open Space  - French/ English - will take space on Qiqochat thanks to Lucas’ generosity

Thursday, Apr 16 at 8:00p Europe/Paris Time / 6:00p UTC  (120 minutes)
https://qiqochat.com/e/SJDSTeLEuRZykgcnNpSwClayH/mbPCpegmbrWBxCbkdFyWOIrsg <https://qiqochat.com/e/SJDSTeLEuRZykgcnNpSwClayH/mbPCpegmbrWBxCbkdFyWOIrsg>

Friday, Apr 17 at 10:00a Europe/Paris Time / 8:00a UTC  (120 minutes)
https://qiqochat.com/e/BjCzEqYVxvXIhJuZRMpiyTlSb/NnbzdPyijqdEsEaIhyHaLCRiH <https://qiqochat.com/e/BjCzEqYVxvXIhJuZRMpiyTlSb/NnbzdPyijqdEsEaIhyHaLCRiH>

Hope you can join

Christine and Anna
+ some already infected people ;)
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