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Hi There,

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On 4/4/2020 8:18 AM, Michael M Pannwitz via OSList wrote:
> Dear Harrison,
> yes, "whole system in the room" differs from "all who care".
> In FutureSearch a great deal of effort is undertaken to identify parts 
> of the system... in a community/neighborhood this may add up to 100 or 
> more "parts". Once all have been named they are grouped under 8 
> headings. For instance, a day care would be grouped with related parts 
> and move into the group "Children". For each of these 8 groups 8 
> people are searched for that are willing, able and influential. They 
> gather for 3 days and wind up with actions... It might take up to 6 
> months and more of planning with many meetings to get this "system".
> My motivation for mentioning the planning for an ost-event with the 5 
> or so prerequisites in mind and
> picking diversity as one of the prerequisite roots in the question of 
> Rolf Schneidereit on "exchange between tribes like...".
> I wonder if the "exchange between tribes like..." might be achieved 
> sustainably as a part of ongoing practice if every exchange that any 
> "tribe" is engaged in anyhow and anyway (as our WOSonOSes and other 
> exchanges) simply takes a closer look at "diversity" and then invites 
> those of other tribes that they feel increases "diversity" for their 
> exchange.
> This would intensify the exchange in a simple and ongoing way without 
> arranging an additional exchange between the "tribes". It would also 
> give space for discussing such things as "liberation, participation, 
> collective intelligence, deep dialogue" and other grand things 
> participants care for.
> I have and still do encourage the conveners of OST exchanges of all 
> kinds to increase the diversity including the invitation to folks from 
> "other tribes"... completely independent of any "crisis" but keeping 
> in mind that I love "crisis" because it is one of the prerequisites 
> for the Force of Selforganisation to really get steamed up.
> Usually, our exchanges are focused on our craft but there are many 
> more things that happen in exchanges such as in a WOSonOS. And it 
> would not surprise me if any of the "tribes" that Rolf has in mind 
> (Peggy could add 150 more, all gathered in her marvellous Book on that 
> topic) experience similar things aside from the focus on the craft.
> Thus, as a participant in the WOSonOS this October in Berlin I hope 
> that those of you reading this from other "tribes" join in. Here is 
> the link
>> https://wosonos2020.berlin/
> Reading the first line of the invitation:
> "WOSonOS is the annual worldwide meeting of Open Space practitioners..."
> simply imagine that "practitioners" can be expanded to "all who care"...
> Greetings from a sunny Saturday morning in Belin Lichterfeld, our 
> house is on the corner of Draisweg and Resselsteig (with the 
> photovoltaic panels on the roof) where the gate to our garden is 
> always open...
> see here
>> https://www.google.com/maps/place/Draisweg+1,+12209+Berlin/@52.4162003,13.3267668,64m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x47a85b22273bf5c7:0xa0c56737e10b4a3c!8m2!3d52.41622!4d13.32688 
> Wishing you a great day on your porch at River Falls Drive
> cheers and hugs (with digital hugs there is no distancing)
> mmp
> Am 03.04.2020 um 22:29 schrieb Harrison Owen via OSList:
>> Exchange... yes. And on that note I might suggest that "getting the 
>> whole system in the room" (Marv Weisbord's phrase) is certainly 
>> related to the idea of diversity -- but not quite the same thing a my 
>> meaning when I described "diversity" as one of the critical five 
>> preconditions for self organization. My understanding of diversity 
>> may be achieved when "all who care" are there (for the OS). "Caring" 
>> is the operative word. Putting it simply: "If you care, you got to be 
>> there." "Those who care might include: The whole system, less than 
>> the whole system, or more. I've had the experience (as I am sure you 
>> have as well, Michael) when total onlookers, just casual observers, 
>> suddenly discover that they have an interest, some input -- and 
>> actually care. Sometimes they just stand in the doorways, but on 
>> occasion they just moved right in and took over -- to the benefit of 
>> everybody. Why or how -- who knows??? But they cared! I've seen this 
>> happen often enough that I added another little reminder to myself 
>> and whomsoever..."Honor the Stranger." They always show up and their 
>> gifts can be extravagant. Strangers in out midst is by no means a bad 
>> thing.
>> Harrison
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>> Sent: Fri, Apr 3, 2020 3:24 am
>> Subject: Re: [OSList] Meeting of the tribes: Our gifts for crisis and 
>> change
>> Dear Rolf,
>> exchange is what OSLIST thrives on.
>> For me, it is (was) THE  worldwide place for reflecting and learning and
>> unfolding about my working and living as an os facilitator... in
>> addition to my regular interaction in local, regional and worldwide
>> OSonOS, including the Stammtische in Berlin (inactive for the duration
>> of physical contact restrictions with the hope that the WOSonOS in
>> Berlin in October of this year will be possible and, of course,
>> Stammtische again...).
>> Looking at the 5 or so prerequisites for the unfolding of
>> selforganisation (the center of my craft), I have always looked
>> specifically at "diversity" (or as some say "getting the whole system in
>> the room") and advocated that our os-exchanges would profit from high
>> diversity as far as participants are concerned. I always felt that
>> "diversity" was one of the prerequisites that we have some influence in.
>> For instance, who all we would invite to our events (including OSLIST).
>> Looking at that aspect, diversity can be expanded in the same way as we
>> suggest to our clients. Usually, we ask some simple questions in the
>> planning stage of an event, such as "who all needs to be at the event to
>> increase the chance for fullfilling both our aspirations we have around
>> the "burning business issue" and the chance for action on the stuff that
>> we feel needs to be taken?".
>> Often, I have found that in answering this question some pretty relevant
>> groups were not in focus, such as "the customer" which, in a school
>> setting, might be the students, in a parish the folks that attend the
>> worships, in a company that specialises on "customer tailored
>> nutritional products" the consumers of those products... or, in an os
>> for the future of an NGO the folks that provide the finances or the
>> government agencies that are needed for cooperation or the competitors
>> in the same or related fields.
>> Now, my and the efforts of others to increase "diversity" in "our"
>> events have been only partially successful. Asking ourselves the
>> "diversity" question certainly surface those that should be invited. For
>> an Open Space Learning Exchange or other events we invite to for
>> reflection and learning  etc. that might be:
>> --- our clients
>> --- children
>> --- scholars, scientists, researchers
>> --- facilitators of all kinds
>> --- caterers
>> --- facility managers
>> --- event managers in hotels etc. where os events take place
>> --- journalists (newspapers, scientific journals, radio, TV, 
>> internet...)
>> --- non-facilitators that are curious
>> --- former participants of os events
>> --- writers that have produced works around ost
>> ---
>> ---
>> If we had a planning meeting, this list would certainly be expanded.
>> In this spirit, we would help expand time and space for
>> selforganisation... any time, corona, war, hurricanes, climate change,
>> you name it... even in peace and other happy times.
>> Apart from expanding on this I presently am participating in efforts in
>> my immediate familiy, our neighborhood, in Berlin and so on, to slow
>> down the spread of Corona to find ways to live with it.
>> Personally, I am enjoying some of the side effects of the presently
>> challenging situation: practically no contrails over Berlin with clear
>> skies and many more stars than usual, the reduction of noise (hardly any
>> cars), the enormous unfolding of actions in civil society... in the face
>> of closed schools, limiting contact restrictions, a dearth of protective
>> masks, shortage of toilet paper... what have you.
>> Greetings from Berlin and looking forward to analog hugs maybe
>> definitely at the WOSonOS this fall
>> mmp
>> Am 31.03.2020 um 09:46 schrieb Rolf Schneidereit via OSList:
>>  > Dear Mates,
>>  >
>>  > would like to get your feedback. I'm wondering: is now the time to 
>> intensify the exchange between tribes like Art of Hosting, Open 
>> Space, Liberating Structures, World Café; Theory U and many others?
>>  >
>>  > With all individual differences - we share extraordinary times. 
>> We're facing an urgent crisis which will cost many lives, we're shure 
>> to expect the next economical crisis and we're amid the fast 
>> expanding crisis of the ecosystem and the climate.
>>  >
>>  > Could it be helpful in this situation if the different streams for 
>> liberation, participation, collective intelligence, deep dialogue and 
>> so on comes together to share their insights, their initiatives, 
>> their gifts? How can we support each other to support the common good 
>> and the necessary transition?
>>  >
>>  > What do you think and sense? I'm going to sent this question to 
>> the AoH- and the OS-List. If this call resonates with you feel free 
>> to sent it to other communities you belong to.
>>  >
>>  > And how?
>>  > The idea appears after a virtual Open Space. One insight: We can 
>> do a really large gathering online. After that I've offered Lucas 
>> Cioffi from Qiqochat a sponsorship for an online event with up to 300 
>> participants but he declined: He will offer the use of Qiqochat for 
>> such an event for free! What we can do there (for example):
>>  > - Check-in (perhaps as Impromptu Networking)
>>  > - conversation café in small circles (recommendation of Christine 
>> Koehler)
>>  > - Open Space
>>  > - Harvesting
>>  > - Check-out
>>  >
>>  > If there is a encouraging feedback the next step will be a first 
>> preparation (zoom) call. Can you imagine to support and host such a 
>> call?
>>  >
>>  > Looking forward to your response
>>  > (or not - following the Law of two feets)
>>  >
>>  > Rolf
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