[OSList] Meeting of the tribes: Our gifts for crisis and change

Michael M Pannwitz mmpannwitz at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 00:24:02 PDT 2020

Dear Rolf,

exchange is what OSLIST thrives on.

For me, it is (was) THE  worldwide place for reflecting and learning and 
unfolding about my working and living as an os facilitator... in 
addition to my regular interaction in local, regional and worldwide 
OSonOS, including the Stammtische in Berlin (inactive for the duration 
of physical contact restrictions with the hope that the WOSonOS in 
Berlin in October of this year will be possible and, of course, 
Stammtische again...).

Looking at the 5 or so prerequisites for the unfolding of 
selforganisation (the center of my craft), I have always looked 
specifically at "diversity" (or as some say "getting the whole system in 
the room") and advocated that our os-exchanges would profit from high 
diversity as far as participants are concerned. I always felt that 
"diversity" was one of the prerequisites that we have some influence in. 
For instance, who all we would invite to our events (including OSLIST).

Looking at that aspect, diversity can be expanded in the same way as we 
suggest to our clients. Usually, we ask some simple questions in the 
planning stage of an event, such as "who all needs to be at the event to 
increase the chance for fullfilling both our aspirations we have around 
the "burning business issue" and the chance for action on the stuff that 
we feel needs to be taken?".

Often, I have found that in answering this question some pretty relevant 
groups were not in focus, such as "the customer" which, in a school 
setting, might be the students, in a parish the folks that attend the 
worships, in a company that specialises on "customer tailored 
nutritional products" the consumers of those products... or, in an os 
for the future of an NGO the folks that provide the finances or the 
government agencies that are needed for cooperation or the competitors 
in the same or related fields.

Now, my and the efforts of others to increase "diversity" in "our" 
events have been only partially successful. Asking ourselves the 
"diversity" question certainly surface those that should be invited. For 
an Open Space Learning Exchange or other events we invite to for 
reflection and learning  etc. that might be:

--- our clients
--- children
--- scholars, scientists, researchers
--- facilitators of all kinds
--- caterers
--- facility managers
--- event managers in hotels etc. where os events take place
--- journalists (newspapers, scientific journals, radio, TV, internet...)
--- non-facilitators that are curious
--- former participants of os events
--- writers that have produced works around ost

If we had a planning meeting, this list would certainly be expanded.

In this spirit, we would help expand time and space for 
selforganisation... any time, corona, war, hurricanes, climate change, 
you name it... even in peace and other happy times.

Apart from expanding on this I presently am participating in efforts in 
my immediate familiy, our neighborhood, in Berlin and so on, to slow 
down the spread of Corona to find ways to live with it.

Personally, I am enjoying some of the side effects of the presently 
challenging situation: practically no contrails over Berlin with clear 
skies and many more stars than usual, the reduction of noise (hardly any 
cars), the enormous unfolding of actions in civil society... in the face 
of closed schools, limiting contact restrictions, a dearth of protective 
masks, shortage of toilet paper... what have you.

Greetings from Berlin and looking forward to analog hugs maybe 
definitely at the WOSonOS this fall

Am 31.03.2020 um 09:46 schrieb Rolf Schneidereit via OSList:
> Dear Mates,
> would like to get your feedback. I'm wondering: is now the time to intensify the exchange between tribes like Art of Hosting, Open Space, Liberating Structures, World Café; Theory U and many others?
> With all individual differences - we share extraordinary times. We're facing an urgent crisis which will cost many lives, we're shure to expect the next economical crisis and we're amid the fast expanding crisis of the ecosystem and the climate.
> Could it be helpful in this situation if the different streams for liberation, participation, collective intelligence, deep dialogue and so on comes together to share their insights, their initiatives, their gifts? How can we support each other to support the common good and the necessary transition?
> What do you think and sense? I'm going to sent this question to the AoH- and the OS-List. If this call resonates with you feel free to sent it to other communities you belong to.
> And how?
> The idea appears after a virtual Open Space. One insight: We can do a really large gathering online. After that I've offered Lucas Cioffi from Qiqochat a sponsorship for an online event with up to 300 participants but he declined: He will offer the use of Qiqochat for such an event for free! What we can do there (for example):
> - Check-in (perhaps as Impromptu Networking)
> - conversation café in small circles (recommendation of Christine Koehler)
> - Open Space
> - Harvesting
> - Check-out
> If there is a encouraging feedback the next step will be a first preparation (zoom) call. Can you imagine to support and host such a call?
> Looking forward to your response
> (or not - following the Law of two feets)
> Rolf
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