[OSList] Invitation to "beam into" WOSONOS

ben.roberts at charter.net ben.roberts at charter.net
Tue Oct 22 10:53:00 PDT 2019

Dear OST Friends,


Live from WOSONOS this Friday at noon EDT, I will be hosting a hybrid
virtual and in-person gathering during what will be the lunch break there.
You are all invited to “beam in” via Zoom and connect with some of the
participants.  This is happening in the context of the Now What?!
<http://www.nowwhat2019.com/>  global gathering that I have posted about
here previously.  


Call in information, calendar links, and RSVP options are here:


We will also attempt to self-organize some “buddy pairs” with people at the
conference and people who want to continue “beaming in.”  The idea is that
you can be on Zoom (or Skype, etc.) and be the guest of your in-person buddy
at whatever session(s) they choose to attend.  Note that, as someone pointed
out on the OS Hotline today, virtual participants may not be welcome in all
the WOSONOS sessions, and we will ask permission of their initiators before
bringing someone into the room in this way.  I might create a Google
spreadsheet “bulletin board” we can use to help coordinate this buddy
invitation, unless someone else wants to give that a go?


Also, since Now What?! runs through November 22, it can be a platform for
WOSONOS participants who wish to continue their conversations once the
conference is over (and also a way to invite more people into them).  Here’s
a two minute video that describes the Now What?! process, which borrows from
both OST and World Café, among other things: http://bit.ly/NW3promo3 


If you have any questions or feedback, please email me here:
ben at conversationcollaborative.com <mailto:ben at conversationcollaborative.com>




Ben Roberts

Now What?! Lead Convener/Host


www.nowwhat2019.com <http://www.nowwhat2019.com>  

Schedule a call with Doodle MeetMe <https://doodle.com/benroberts> 


O: 203 426-1039

C: 203 733-2252




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