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Barry Owen Barry at paretorealty.com
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Thank you for this Skye!

A fantastic "opening" on this very special week @ WOSONOS

BTW - I cherish our rich discussions on the OS Hotline on Tuesdays.

To all on the list . . . You are ALL invited to join us

Connecting is easy - Just hit this link  https://zoom.us/j/751609912
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On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 6:43 AM Skye Hirst via OSList <
oslist at lists.openspacetech.org> wrote:

> How does Open Space Technology help us experience harmony, wholeness?  This
> may well be the most ineffable idea in today’s busy world.  Life seems to
> present moments of such harmoniousness and we may notice them when they
> happen and then forget them.  They don’t get highlighted as something
> possible on any dependable scale, so they get passed over, dismissed as a
> “nice” experience but most likely we don’t share them.  However, the
> artists among us will capture them through their medium. We love the
> feelings this work gives us, this reminder of those numinous realities.
> What happens in OST?   What are those realities we experience more often
> than not while participating in a concentrated time around an invitation
> question, an urgency, a group of people sitting in circle, creating an
> agenda and sitting with questions, getting to deeper ones?
> I believe OST is micro of a macro reality that life’s organism ways
> provide for us in every moment.  “Come to the circle, tell us your tale,
> you are not the only one who is hurting.”  This phrase from a song
> written in the 80s by a friend, speaks of the power of OST.  There is
> something so powerful about being reminded, you get to choose how and where
> and when you give your attention.  It has been called an antidote to the
> world of hierarchical dominating meetings, work life and organizationally
> dead structures.
> So I say, I want to capture the ineffable, but how silly that is.  And
> yet, we can point to shared experience, to knowledge that goes beyond
> words, to celebrate this most amazing, awe-generating process abiding in
> living structures, living “becoming” events that are *alivenmaking*.  Let’s
> listen for the harmonies, for the moments of felt sensing our wholeness,
> our unity, and our differences at the same time.  This is a “both and
> world,” not an “either/or” one.  It takes work only in that we remember
> what we can easily forget with distractions and constant “busy-ness.”  Notice
> when those moments of peacefulness enter into the “field” when we take a
> long breath and let it out fully, sitting with one another without needing
> to fix or change ourselves, or the other. What are your experiences of
> “fulfillment” of listening in to deep knowledge of being alive?
> One OST participant spoke of it as something one cannot talk about, but to
> experience it is to have lived, feeling aliveness and we want it more and
> more. Then we want others to have the experience so we try to talk about it.
> I say, “Come to the Circle, tell us your tale, you are not the only one
> who is hurting.”
> The storyteller tells his tales and we remember those times his stories
> happened in our lives, or we make sense of a story we have not understood
> about our tale. Then we begin again with a new story.  Keep coming to the
> circle, telling us your tales, one and all.
> Blessings to all this week for great WOSONOS in DC.
> Song *Healing Circle* is by Julia Hickory 1984, Album Joyful Noise and
> Friends *Birdsong Morning*
> *Healing Circle*
> Come to the Circle
> Listen to our tales
> You will find you’re not the only one who’s hurting
> And the light may shine in
> This is where we begin
> The magic of our healing
> Alone in your room, you think you’re the only one
> And you’re wondering if your might be crazy
> So you lock all the pain and the shame deep inside
> And your skies are always dark and hazy
> But if you Come to the Circle
> Tell us your tales
> The light will shine in,
> This is where we begin
> The magic work of our healing.
> You are not unimportant, we need all the words
> And the melodies to harmonize
> The darker the shadows, the brighter the sun
> And your tears are the stars in our eyes.
> So won’t you Come to the Circle
> Tell us your tales
> And the light will shine in
> This is where we begin
> The magic work of our healing
> --
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> *- Ralph Waldo Emerson*
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