[OSList] for you, what most honors the Ineffable Spirit of OST?

Artur Silva arturfsilva at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 6 03:24:43 PDT 2019


Dear friends,


Answering to Harold Shinsato's questions some time ago


What most honours the ineffable spirit of Open SpaceTechnology for me?


1) All the people interested in the subjectsare invited and can be part of the solution - We are all responsible tosolve the problems that we have created! 

2) The questions to be aired are defined duringthe event and NOT before - all subjects of interest may beaired.

3) Alternance between plenary sessions and smallgroups

4) Action Plans are defined, if needed 

5) Open Space is free for use by people with agood heart and a good mind, with no need for training for youngsters by"masters" for a fee or other compensations! Every group that does thecontrary is out of OST spirit - but they can always join Reiki;-)

6) Sense of brotherhood (coming from5), I think)  

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